Business Intelligence

Our team of highly motivated and experienced BI resources has worked on multiple implementations of BI and Big Data projects of various sizes, at renowned companies within South Africa.

Core BI Services


Design and build data and analytics applications


Govern and manage data resources


Build and manage data environments and underlying infrastructures


Build analytical dashboards and reports

Light Footprint BI Services

• Intermediary between business units and information technology (IT) units
• Gather and prioritize requirements
• Self-service analytics support

Benefits / Solutions

• Insightful analytics of your data
• Customised dashboards
• Automated reporting
• Integration of applications with other software of relevance
• Management of data environments
• Security of data
• Project management
• Streamlined strategies and business processes
• 24/7 NOC support

Previous and On-Going Jobs

• Target marketing for telecoms companies
• Customer segmentation projects
• Dashboard creations for IT companies
• Dashboard integration for IoT devices

We Do Technology Better

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