This qualification will provide learners with an entry into the field of networking, systems and support. Amongst many other functionalities, the learners will be able to describe the different computer systems and associated hardware and network configurations. They will be able to troubleshoot common end-user application software related problem and maintain a multi-user computer operating system.

The qualification is designed to:

  • Provide qualified learners with an undergraduate entry into the field of networking/systems support, earning credits towards tertiary offerings in the fields of Computer Studies or Computer Science
  • Prepare qualified learners for initial employment in the computer industry.
  • Allow the credits achieved in the National Certificates relating to Information Technology at NQF level 4 to be used as prior learning for this qualification.
  • Allow many of the unit standards listed in this qualification, to be used in Learnership Schemes in the Information Systems and Technology sector, as well as other sectors where Information Technology is a key requirement.


This Learnership uses Blended Learning: an approach that innovatively takes advantage of both digital learning and the tried-and-tested benefits of instructor-led learning. For large groups (10 or more), training times can be arranged according to your date and time requirements, delivered on-site at your premises or through a host company. Alternatively, individual learners can join an open group by clicking on the Enquire/Register Now button.


This qualification is designed to develop a broader base of skilled ICT professionals. A learner that qualifies will be a well-rounded IT professional building on a foundational technical skill.


To ensure that we align our learners to the appropriate qualifications, we have built in a thorough pre-assessment process. Entry requirements for this course include:
  • Communication at NQF 4
  • Mathematics at NQF 4
  • Ability to use a personal computer


LP 1: Personal Development (40 Credits)

  • 114076
  • 10135
  • 114051
  • 114055
  • 114059
  • 114050
  • 114183
  • 8252

LP 2: Network, Concepts, Architecture and Standards (24 Credits)

  • 114060
  • 114074
  • 114072
  • 114061

LP 3: Client Server Networking (11 Credits)

  • 114046
  • 114058)

LP 4: Design a LAN for Developmental office and Enterprise Development (16 Credits)

  • 114056
  • 114052
  • 114075

LP 5: Configure, Operate and Administer Server Computer and Peripherals (26 Credits)

  • 114047
  • 114053
  • 114054
  • 114066

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