What are ICT Consulting Services?

What are ICT Consulting Services?

Information and Communications Technology is a specialist form of IT that includes some aspects of communication. ICT can refer to software development, mobile devices, cloud computing, data centers, cybersecurity, research network, support, and so on.


An ICT Consultant can advise on the design, structure, and efficiency of ICT systems in organizations or specific projects. They produce business needs assessments and develop information systems solutions that meet the objectives of the organization or project.


These needs could include connectivity, security, technical infrastructure, and compliance with data protection.


Consulting Services offered by TIC-IT

  • Provide external, objective advice and expertise
  • Provide recommendations on strategy, implementation, maintenance, and organization
  • Temporary assistance on a single project
  • Manage all or part of the IT services for your company

Benefits of ICT Consulting Services

Keep your employees focused on primary operations:

Having an ICT Consultant frees up your employees to focus on their main duties without being distracted.


The proven experience leaves less chance of errors:

Technology is complicated to implement across your business and making errors during a roll-out or update can result in unexpected downtime that your business cannot afford. TIC-IT has years of experience that allow us to implement technologies across your business without any unnecessary downtime.


ICT Consultants are Cost-Effective:

Having full-time employees to carry out the duty of an ICT consultant can become very costly for an organization. By hiring a consultant, you are paying one set fee instead of a salary, benefits, workspace, and other costs associated with full-time employees. TIC-IT has the expertise to understand and consult on your needs while saving you the trouble and cost of another member of staff.


Cyber Security is more important than ever before:

The damage that can be caused by cyber threats is enormous—both in the financial and reputational sense. Our ICT Consultants specialize and keep updated with current cyber threats, ensuring that we can recommend and implement IT programs and services that will keep your organization safe.


Learn from the best in the industry

There are aspects of ICT that your business would never know to leverage independently. Our ICT consultants have valuable knowledge to help your business find new or old solutions that will meet your requirements.


Retain employees by not overburdening them

Employee retention is important to an organization and its culture. By not overburdening your employees with tasks outside of their expertise, it will be a lot easier to retain happy, satisfied employees.

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