Bulk Messaging Service

TMS is a Bulk Messaging Service which is cloud-based for sending SMS broadcasts to a selected number of contacts or distinct groups. Businesses and organizations of different sizes (SME/SMI, Corporate, Government etc) to be signed up on this service so they can deliver SMS’s to their prospects and clients for marketing, customer services and other information dissemination purposes.

Bulk Messaging Made Easy

With TIC-IT Telecoms infrastructure, sending professional bulk SMSs for marketing campaigns, corporate and private communications is a lot cheaper and easy to manage. Here are some of the benefits of using TMS as an SMS provider of choice.

International Reach

Instantly alert customers or group members of announcements, special offers etc. With TMS, you can send bulk SMS to international prospects in Africa.

Affordability & Value

SMS Bundles offer a variety of pricing choices based on consumption (size of bundle and price). Due to TIC-IT’s Telecoms infrastructure positioning cross Africa, international rates are prices below average.

Simplicity & Control

SMS bundles and pricing are simple and easy to understand. Customers can personalize messages, run history reports, analyze and monitor campaigns and view their usage information online.


Customers can purchase or top up SMS bundles any time and start using their credits immediately. SMS credits can be purchased online via Credit card, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Direct Bank Deposit or PayPal.


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