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The robustness and reliability of our solutions are inherently connected to the processes, methodologies and standards that we strictly adhere to during the solution design and development stages, coupled with the integral technological skills that our people possess.


iLeadMyCity is a powerful and unique mobile application that affords users the ability to use technology at their fingertips to interact with local authorities. The App empowers users to take the lead by reporting issues or showing service appreciation in near-real-time. Download the App for free from Apple iTunes (iOS) or Google Play store (Android).



TIC-IT bulk Messaging Service is a cloud-based service for sending SMS broadcasts to a selected number of contacts or distinct groups. Businesses and organizations of different sizes (SME/SMI, Corporate, Government etc) to be signed up on this service so they can deliver SMS’s to their prospects and clients for marketing, customer services and other information dissemination purposes.


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